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The Ushiro Geri

This kick is the signaure move of Ken Shin Kan. The Ushiro-geri, imitates the instinctive movement of defence that equines such as horses, donkeys and zebras use to defend themselves. They are executed in the following way: the animals support the weight of their body on the front legs and gather the back legs, raise them and kick in a straight line towards the target. This form of attack was imitated by the Chinese Taoists monks, who dedicated themselves to the study of the animals for many centuries. The Chinese learned to kick like the equines do that is without distorting the straight trajectory of the kicks.

Ushiro Geri (Back Kick)

One of the most important technical legacies that Sensei Akamine left for his students was the Ushiro-geri. For those who were his direct students it was natural to understand this concept, due to the Ushiro-geri being present in most of the training techniques executed in his Dojo. In fact Sensei Akamine, thought that the Ushiro-geri was the most powerful kicking technique ever invented. And due to this he had taken upon the responsibility to perfect it and to develop a new technical and conditioning system to attain maximum effectiveness in its execution.

By Sensei Roberto Fernandez de la Reguera (Translated By Sensei Christian Tapia)

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