KANKI IZUMIGAWA - Ken Shin Kan Martial Arts Australia - Goju Ryu Karate Do


Sensei Izumigawa was born in Okinawa to a samurai family and was the founder of the Senbukan Dojo based in Kawasaki City, Japan.

He began training under Seiko Higa when he was teaching in Saipan. After WWII he went on to join Seiko Higas new dojo in Itoman to continue his training. It was there that he befriended Seiichi Akamine.

Some years later he moved to Kawasaki Japan and began his own oraginsation, the Senbukan.

He was joined in Japan by Sensei Akamine when he moved to Japan, Sensei Akamine trained with him until he left Japan for Brazil in the 1950’s.

Some years after the passing of Sensei Miyagi he visited Okinawa with Yamaguchi Gogen to get instruction in kata from Meitoku Yagi (the inheritor of Seinsei Miyagi’s Belt and Gi).

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